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QUESTION: Hi Rev. Murphy,
Sorry I haven't replied sooner, my company is doing an internal move so we are sooo busy...I'm commenting on you & Sister "T". You made some really good points, but let me say this about that. No matter how much proof you give them or any other witness on this site, they will never agree, even though secretly they may...They are not sure if the society monitors this site. Don't know if you ever looked at Robert Jones's profile & answers, I have. I have written & he has replied many times...he is polite, he knows how the org. operates. Many think that he is disfellowshipped but his profile when & if you get a moment. Write him if you like. He tells the truth & if things have changed that is how he will answer...he'll say, well they use to...many of the witness experts don't like him because he is not part of the org. anymore but he's not drugging or drinking, he's living a pretty normal life. All I'm saying is you can't change their minds. You can show them all the scriptures that contradict what they have been use.  Have you noticed when you do, they get rude. I've written to x-witnesses & witnesses. The x's say, get out, the witnesses say, well you're just not serious or maybe not really a student. There are 2 things here we should consider, that God is behind this or Satan...God maybe protecting them or Satan is blinding them. As I say I go to the hall. I would never voice how I felt about some of their doctrines, because they believe what they believe & for some it's easier, just let someone tell you what to believe...keep it simple. I know what the bible says & that's all. When it's my turn to get in front of God, I'll have to account for myself, God will say to me...did you read the bible I'll say yes, did you go to church/bible study, I'll say yes, who do you believe...I'll have to say...You God, then he'll say, ah, I thought so, because I know you read the bible & I know you know man can't direct his own steps...ok, just checking...God has revealed the scriptures to me in truth. As you & I stated before there is no place of worship that is perfect. If I leave there I'll go somewhere & find something incorrect with that doctrine. I love God/Jesus & my congregation..don't want to forsake meeting together, but Rev. Murphy it's a lost cause. Now if you like to debate....debate on because if that's what you want to do, go right ahead. I don't believe you will ever change their minds, only God can & he will do it in his own time. You are fighting an uphill battle. I was talking to a sister about judging & thinking only witnesses are only good, I said to her, you might fall out in the street, what are you going to do wait for a witness to come to your aide..if the folks in the world are so bad, why aren't we stepping over dead bodies in the street. I take the subway to work everyday, & most of the time we are cramped in but we all make it to work safely. Yes, there are some fights at times but that is rare. I wish you well & will continue to read your comments, because I agree with you on many things.  Hope to hear from you..

Take Care,


ANSWER: Hello Dee, it is a pleasure to hear from you again. I hope that all is going well. Now as I read through what you wrote, I could not help thinking back on all the times someone told me I could never change the mind of a Witness. You and they are correct. You are also correct in saying only God can change their minds.

Now as far as debating, I do not wish or look to debate with them, although I know that it appears to be a debate when looking at the responses. My only goal is to bring truth out. Dee; a person can run from and fight against the opinions of others, but you cannot run from or fight against the truth.

So when I am in discussion with them, I already know what to expect. The main thing is that when the discussions take place, that the positions we hold are thoroughly explained by SCRIPTURE, so that those reading have it all laid in front of them. By doing so, the hope is the reader will go back and research for themselves, study and pray for understaning so that the truth can be revealed to them. The reader must understand the differences between Docrine, Theology, Theosophy, and Biblical Truth, or they will become caught up in the doctrines of men never knowing what is truely Biblical.

You: I've written to x-witnesses & witnesses. The x's say, get out, the witnesses say, well you're just not serious or maybe not really a student.

Dee, I understand the x-witnesses position very well. They attend the meetings etc. dedicated all(at least some of them) and through study they were blessed with understanding. Problem was and is, that when understanding came, and they found it different than what they were being taught, they had no voice. There is nobody they can talk too, express things too. It is almost as if they are punished for knowing the truth. So in essence, they dont leave, they are forced out.

I also understand the position of the Witnesses. They believe with all thier heart they are being fed the truth and are taught that they are the only ones with it. Rehearsed into thier minds is that they are Gods chosen. So of course they would think someone that has different understanding as they have is not "really a student" not really "serious". At the end of the day, your understanding will show that you are a "student" of the Bible, and not of a doctrine.

Now as I have stated before, stay with your congregation, keep in study, stay in prayer, and God himself will tell you what it is that you are to do.

Hope to hear from you soon Dee

Rev. Darryl Murphy

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Rev. Murphy,
I've decided to get baptized, then take it from there..I was baptized when I was approx. 12 or 13. I went to a Lutheran School, so my Mom had me baptized then...I know I know...even though I was baptized already, the witnesses don't recognize that. I am learning alot. Matter of fact I'm going on a Bible Tour this weekend, & a witness will be the tour guide. They don't want anyone to get a worldly view of the bible. I'm looking forward to it & to their interpretation...You know what has happened Rev. Murphy they have taught me the bible so well, that I can use the scriptures against them (not in a bad way). Example: I have so many scriptures that point to Michael not being Jesus..We both know it's in Hebrews. I have seen a scripture that says, Jesus is coming with the angels, His name was Jesus even before he was conceived. John 8:24Therefore I said to ​YOU, YOU​ will die in ​YOUR​ sins. For if ​YOU​ do not believe that I am [he], ​YOU​ will die in ​YOUR​ sins. Ok this is Jesus saying who he is, is he saying I'm Michael, no...Oh, but I have a few more scriptures....Before I get baptized, I will share this with my conductor & ask her will me not being convinced that Michael is Jesus, would that stop me from being baptized or does it hinder my walk to salvation. Don't remember the scripture it also says, Michael one of the foremost many princes or Jesus's are there ? My bible NWT & The Good News ( I use the Good News bible) when I don't understand what the NWT is saying...just like the KJV, it's can be poetic at times..the Good News, is not a everyday language as the Amplified but it's along the same line.  So both of my bibles have a ton of post-it's & everytime I see something that is different from their doctrine..I just place a post-it, for further reference. So, when I see something that refers to Jesus & his angels..I post-it. Anyway, I like the point you are not debating you are showing the truth, then let the readers decide. Wonder if anybody that reads the JW site, have attracted to the witnesses from what they have read ? I have so many they say Jesus came in 1914..what about the scripture that say if anyone comes & says, Jesus is here no he's there...they would be considered false Jesus came in 1914 (invisibly) then he's coming again...didn't know Jesus was coming twice...but I know their answer...that's when he got authority in heaven, but what about the scripture when Jesus is about to go to heaven & he says he now has authority now in Heaven & on Earth..Satan has been thrown down to earth back in the Garden of Eden time, he has been free to roam on earth for a while..again, the witness doctrine will say...but now he is banned from Heaven. They read too much into the scriptures, & run ahead of them & because they have so much knowledge & the average person doesn't stand a chance. But I'm here to testify, they taught me well. They always say, God is not a God of most of the bible is clear. Only if you want to sound intelligent does one read other stuff into it.  I have a feeling if & when I do get baptized I will be forced out...I know a couple that went to another hall, I think because the brother was just real, & got alot of slack because of how he thinks..I use to like his comments because they were mostly real instead of right. All I know is I will always check the bible no matter what they say...because as I've always shared with you, I can't say to God on judgement day, well brother so & so said this, God will know I've read his word & he knows I know better. Keep on writing the witnesses, you just never know..Someone just emailed me the other day.."That people who rail and protest about their position are the very ones secretly unsure" does that makes sense. Notice when a person writes to a witness a honest question or observance they get highly indignant & rude...umm, maybe so many folks on the site are poking holes in their doctrine & it's getting them upset so they lash out..ummm. Guess, ones who have been there for years, are just scratching their heads wondering how might lights are there going to be. Many go because they find peace there, others just want to serve God. Me, I want to serve God, to the best of my ability. I would like to live a balanced life. The witnesses don't seem to. They stay out in the street all day, which leaves no time for their children, they tend to neglect them. But they don't see the big picture. God doesn't want you to neglect your family. We all look back in the bible days or ancient times & say, oh my they even sacrificed their children by terrible, how could they do that, but today are we any different? We sacrifice our children by neglecting them, sending them to all types of activities..just so we don't have to be bothered with them & it also stresses out the child. So we are still sacrificing our children. All halls & churches are the same not one is better than the other it's only the doctrine that is different. Nobody can claim, My God is better than your God, but folks do, that being said...hope to hear from you..

Take Care,

Hello Dee, as always, it is a pleasure hearing from you. I see you have decided to get Baptized, so please allow me to briefly address things.

You:...I know I know...even though I was baptized already, the witnesses don't recognize that.

Well my friend...It would be the same if you came to a Baptist Church. Its all about Doctrine. Because you were baptized by those holding a different doctrine, you are not recognized as a Christian.

You: "I've decided to get baptized, then take it from there.."

Search your heart..pray constantly! The reason I say this is because you already have doubts about the Witness doctrine. You must stay prayerful that you do not develop division amongst the congregation. Understand that the things you have found are not known to the rest, and will not be accepted. If accepted by some, it could cause division. So as I said before, write to the WTBS all of your concerns, and do not share them with the congregation so there can remain peace within the members.

The only other thing I would like to address is your comment here:

"I would like to live a balanced life. The witnesses don't seem to. They stay out in the street all day, which leaves no time for their children, they tend to neglect them. But they don't see the big picture. God doesn't want you to neglect your family.

You are correct. God does not want us to neglect our family. However, I would like to give you another perspective on things. As you see the Witness is field service all day etc, and equate it to neglecting their children, lets look at a couple of scriptures:

Matthew 28:19

King James Version #KJV#
19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Jesus tells us to 'GO". We must be Evangelists and go out into the world to teach the people Gods word and to spread the Gospel. But before we do this we must also make sure that are children are trained up, taught the word of God so that our household is on one page, unified, in the way of the Lord.

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

It is not uncommon to see the children of the Witnesses in field service with the parents. Even if they are not in the field and at home, they are not neglected. They have been or are being taught to understand Gods requirement, and from my experience, are generally well taken care of. Through watching the parents dedication to Evangelism, they too learn to understand and appreciate this act of faith. We must understand in a Witness home, they learn together, pray together, worship together, just as it was in the days of the Bible.

So on the point of neglect my friend...we disagree. So again, I cannot stress this enough..stay prayerful, dedicated to Christ not man, study...and God will direct your steps.

As always it is a pleasure talking with you...please do not hesitate to contact me in the future.

Rev. Darryl Murphy  

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