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Bible Studies/truth or fiction? the danger of occultism


Tim faraos wrote at 2014-11-16 09:15:29
There are thousands upon thousands of entries of ex spiritualists and ex occult who consulted spirits who PRETENDED to be a dead person, a relative or an angel, but turned out to be a demon. For example: at one seance a sceptical priest asked the medium to contact the spirit of a dead lay preacher called david c. When the spirit appeared, the priest asked it: are you really david c.? The spirit said that it is really him. After a few more times of the priest denying it was david c. ,the spirit got upset and overturned the table, some chairs e.t.c. Then the priest said now i know you are not david c., because when he was living he never ever got angry! You are a lying demonic spirit. And another example: this lady used to get visited by the spirit of her dead 4 year old nephew at night and they used to talk... She told her christian friend about it, who told her to be careful because the spirit is probably a demon. Then she told her: when it comes to you again, say: in the name of jesus, show me who you are! When she did that, it's appearance turned into an ugly demon! Funny how the name of jesus has such power, even when demons appear as 'aliens'. Read some testimonies on the internet.(even if 99.9% of the testimonies were lies, and only 0.1% were true, that would prove that yes, god angels and demons exist. And that jesus is the true God, because no demon will go away if you say: go away in the name of allah, or budda, or vishnu e.t.c. Thanks for your time.

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