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Bible Studies/what kind of information do you have about this form of christian psychics?


many people on the Internet doing psychic reading while accept most fundamental tenets of Christianity. they distinguish themselves from the new age movement so they call themselves "Christian psychics"
they believe that the bible is their final authority and the only kind of psychic reading that permit by God is only through the gift of the holy spirit that Jesus promised while other form of psychic readings are unbiblical.
they believe that mankind only live once and then judged by God to the eternal destination after death. the believers will be eternally saved while non-believers will be eternally condemned.
they rejected all form of pre-existence or reincarnation that new age psychics believe.
they believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven and all other path are wrong.
while accept the basic tenets of Christianity, many of their practices are seldom practiced by mainstream Christians such as psychic reading,exorcism,seeing demons,talking to angels, meditation,Channeling messages from the dead and energy healing.
they believe that their readings are different from the new age psychic readings because they are guide by the Holy Spirit or guardian angels.
they also do Bibliomancy reading with the bible while they condemn other form of divination as unbiblical.
they believe that the psychics of the new age movement are more likely to Channel the energy of the demons than the Holy spirit.
while their theology are protestant in nature, they believe that the ancient mystics in roman catholic and eastern orthodox church such as St.Francis were same as christian psychics.
their doctrine almost have no different than the Evangelical Christians. the only thing they are different from other Christians is that they modify parapsychology to suit the Christian world view.
do you know where is this religious movement came from? is this form of practice approved by the mainstream churches? what kind of information do you have about this form of christian psychics?

I am not familiar with Christian psychics, though if you look at magazines as FATE, many psychics advertise who claim to be Christian and are presumably ordained ministers (usually to protect them with being charged as "fortune tellers").  They do seem to represent an evangelical theology, but, frankly, that can be only "skin deep."  Divination is forbidden in the Hebrew Scriptures (Deuteronomy 18:10, 2 Kings 17:17, etc.) as in Acts 16:16.  The question is, are they glorying God in their practices, is it for personal gain, or is it to excite people's curiosity?  I have known people who have gone to psychics, and their desire is not spiritual truth or to grow in God.  They want to contact a deceased loved one or want to know who they'll marry or something like that.  Once they go to the psychic, they do not live for God (and don't care to).  There's Biblical advice about Christian psychics: "Be their fruits you will know them."  The Bible does not give psychic readings as a gift of the Spirit.  Some have claimed that the spiritual gifts of wisdom or of knowledge might indicate a psychic-like gift.  With such gifts, a person can have "supernatural" knowledge (of a situation) or wisdom, yet I'd not call these "psychic" gifts.  Gifts are given to testify to God and to edify the church.  They are not "readings," they are avenues of grace.  Some have even thought that the gift of prophecy might indicate a psychic gift.  Prophecy was a bold message from God, usually for a particular situation.  You'd not want to put a psychic on the level of Isaiah or Jeremiah.  Psychics do not represent any religious movement. and most churches would frown on them.  They do not witness to God, but only to themselves.  There is a problem with psychics because there is so much room for trickery.  Ask any magician, and they can reveal a psychic's methods.  Some psychics represent the Spiritualist movement.  However, I don't think the Spiritualists would endorse them.  As a Spiritualist myself, these people are a black eye to the movement.  Spiritualism has a legitmate purpose--to teach, but also to demonstrate that we have an immortal soul.  True, there has been much trickery in Spiritualism (i.e. concerning mediums), yet I do believe that there are legitimate mediums, and I especially believe in the truth of eternal life.  Personally, I don't think you need mediums (or psychics) to substantitate that.  You either believe it or you don't.  Years ago, I remember a lady who was a psychic and was even a minister, and she was doing parties.  I know this--you don't do a gift of the Spirit at a party.  It's purpose is not to dazzle people or to entertain them.  I'd not put much stock in the alleged beliefs of these Christian psychics.  Their conservative beliefs are likely to make them look legitimate or credible.    It's likely a smokescreen.  Joel

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