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hai Rev

Why is there a contradiction?

2 Samuel 24:1 (ASV)
And again the anger of Jehovah was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them, saying, Go, number Israel and Judah.


1 Chronicles 21:1 (ASV)
And Satan stood up against Israel, and moved David to number Israel.

>That's a BLASPHEMY!!! Can you explain why?

Thanks and L.F.

Hello Dave

Thank you for your question.  There is, indeed, a seeming contradiction in the records of I Samuel, and I Chronicles.  However, this is not the case!

Both of the statements that you quote are true.  This is one of a number of cases, in the Old Testament Scriptures, in which the satan (the word is a description [adversary] rather than a name!) is named, specifically, as the instrument of YHWH to test (a better translation than 'tempt'), in this case, David.  Perhaps the best-known similar situation is that right at the beginning when, in the form of the serpent, the satan tests Eve.  Like David in this instance, she failed the test!  Another well-known situation is that of Job.  The early chapters of the book that bears his name show that the satan was given permission to attack that Godly man - but with restrictions laid down by YHWH.  Job, of course, passed the test.  Jesus, too, was tested by the satan during the forty days in the wilderness (and throughout His earthly ministry) but, thankfully, He too passed the test.

So, YHWH tested David because of the latter's pride, and used the satan to do so.  That this was the case may be determined from II Sam.24:10 where we read that David confessed that he had sinned.  It was not the simple census-taking that was the sin (that was done e.g. to determine the Tabernacle/Temple tax) but the attitude of David's heart.  Even Joab, his senior military commander, opposed the idea (I Sam.24:3).

There are, of course, a number of places in the written Word of God in which some see contradiction.  However, it is my experience that, when verses are taken in context, and the contemporary situation is understood, such apparent contradictions are seen to not exist!  It is His Word, and He has ensured that it stands at all times.

I have just looked up my Commentary on the Bible by Matthew Henry - one of the great commentators of a previous generation.  He confirms what I have written above.  On the I Chron. passage, he writes: "Numbering the people, one would think, was no bad thing.  Why should not the shepherd know the number of his flock?  He did it in the pride of his heart, and there is no sin that has in it more of contradiction and therefore more of offence to God than pride.  The sin was David's.  ... When it is said that He [YHWH] moved David to do it [II Sam.], it must be explained by what is intimated here that, for wise and holy ends He permitted the devil to do it.  ...  The devil does us more mischief by tempting us to sin against our God than he does by accusing us before our God ." (in loc).

We may take such instances, therefore, not as an occasion to criticise the Word, but as a warning that we do not, ourselves, fall foul of such testing!

Kind regards

C.Brian Ross (Rev)

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