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Ovadiah wrote at 2013-06-21 12:54:17
Verse 8 says no such thing. That may be your interpretation, however it is incorrect. It makes no sense from either the Hebrew which says:

'All that the L-rd hath spoken we will do.'

Or from the context as it is clear that G-d was pleased with this answer.

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I can answer questions concerning the translating of specific words and translations of the New Testament. I can give the etemology of Greek words, primarily in the Koine Greek, but also in Classical Greek. I can also give explanations of much of the Bible having read it many times and written many Bible studies.


I studied Greek in earning my BA at a university and my DTh. and MDiv. at an accredited seminary. I was a diviity student at both the university and seminary, spending most of those eight years studying the Bible.

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