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Hello Scott,
It has been awhile but I think you helped me with a question regarding a Bible study group I was interested in. You pionted me in the right direction and I stayed clear of this particular group. Based on info I sent you about their beliefs you could see that they were a works based religious cult / sect.

I am interested in another Bible study. It is home based and I'm okay with that environment as it tends to be more hands on and without the hour only time constraint that happens at a Church Bible study. BUT, I dont want to make a mistake. Have not met them personally and only through email and a short phone call as yet. 12 in the group and most are retired in their 70's age bracket. Not sure yet but at 57, I may be the youngest {age makes no difference} when it comes to Bible study and learning from the scriptures.

* Here is the most recent email from Ed Sampson {the spokes person}. He doesn't leave alot of info but here is the pertinent info he recently sent me.  * Would you Please check this closely and is he "the group" on the right track about the Gospel of John.

I am supposed to meet them next Monday the 20th. Can you supply me with important questions I can ask to see If they are scripturally sound.  

Thanks so much for your guidance and insight !!

His recent email I copied and have pasted below;

May I suggest, that when we do get started to study the Bible after Monday, we start with the Gospel of John.  Not from the point of salvation (you are past that point) but John is not like the other 3 gospels in that it presents God in Christ Jesus coming as the devine and human (in life and nature) life giving Spirit.

Hi Ron,

It's nice to hear from you again.

There is nothing in the e-mail that would raise a red flag. However, the e-mail doesn't say much.

Here are a few questions you might ask:

1. May I see your Statement of Faith? (This would outline their doctrinal position on major issues such as the divine inspiration and infallibility of the Bible; the divinity and humanity of Christ; The Triune God expressed in three persons--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone, not of works; and others.

2. What is your denominational name? This will reveal where they stand with regard to their doctrinal position. If you don't know what that particular denomination believes, you can ask me, and I can help you with that.

3. Would you consider yourselves "evangelical"? This is a general term by which many Christians identify themselves--Christians who believe in salvation by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Those would be good starting points.


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