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Bible Studies/what is the origin of gender segregationin abrahamic religions?


there are many rules that in islamic countries directly restrict women from being closed to men. in some islamic country, unmarried women are required to wear Burqa. Even the married women who want to remove their Burqa still need to get permission from their and women cannot shake hand or get on the same bus in those countries.
I also heard that men and women in ancient Israel worship in temple were separated.
even many modern christian churches separate men and women in their fellowship. some church leaders even discourage their congregation from going to public swimming pool or joint mix gender activities.
why is that these kind of gender segregation unique to abrahamic religions?

I would say that things as gender segregation in religions are more cultural than theological. It reflects the social mores of that society.  In orthodox Judaism, men and women are separated in the synagogues, and they are also separated in churches as the Apostolic Christian Churches.  I don't think there is a religious reason for this because the Bible says that in Christ "there is neither Jew nor Greek, male or female...(Galatians 3:28)." Religions and churches reflect the cultures in which they exist.  Joel

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