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Hello again! I asked the question a while back about hamartia vs hamartano. I got one more question   is it better to ginosko God or eido God? From what I have studied and learned from different places  ginosko is a gradual learning or coming to know. edio is a full knowing and stronger than ginosko.  Now Matthew 7:23 uses ginosko  but Matthew 25:12 uses edio. What are your thoughts sir?

Again I must apologize for the delay. I still have some periodic problems with my computer.

As to your question:

Gnosko is a word used widely and can mean anything between "acquainted"  to "be well known".

Eido is often used in the same ways but it is good to keep in mind that it comes from a primary word meaning "see" (optanoumai) from which get words like optometry, etc.

In the two passages that you gave me there is little difference. The form of gnosko used in Mt. 7:23 usually means "to know as ones own" "be well known",   and Mt.25:12 as having "no relation to you".

Sorry I couldn't have been of more help.

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