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QUESTION: In the book of Gen., God removed a rib from Adam to form Eve. Which side of Adam did God remove the rib from? I was told that i may have to go to the original text of hebrew, or the jewish text, please help the best you can thank you and GOD BLESS YOU....

ANSWER: Dear Phillip,

It doesn't say.

But I am sure its not difficult to read this.

Takes about 5 minutes to find this out.

So why this innocuous question seems of nothing.

God Bless

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am not trying to start an argument, or any ill feeling at all. I was wondering if the rib that was removed came from the "right side of God", or from next to the the heart which is a symbol of love. I understand that woman was placed on this earth from God for man to love and honor not to treat like a dog or degrade. I feel God removed a rib so that man may place the woman under his arm to protect and to love,  as i have my wife of 32 years. So please don't miss understand why I ask the question.

Dear Phillip,

Sorry if I gave the impression of the argumentative.

There are many abusers of this facility and I often have to straighten them out.

There is no romantic connotation attached to this part of creation and manufacture.

Though it is quite clear the Lord left Adam until he felt the need for someone to commune with. Someone his equal AND his match. Women were not chosen primarily to reproduce with. But to commune with.

Man was not meant to abuse his mate, as with anything else.

Reproduction a side issue in those times. Adam's need for fellowship was the reason man made woman, not reproduction. He made all the animal kingdom in twos but He made man one. Then listened to man's need, making Adam part of the creative part of the earthly godhead. It was His soul's need, not the need for reproduction, that caused the response from God. Eden was another dimension, not necessarily similar to today's world.

Obviously she was taken from his flesh and was meant to be treated as still being attached to his flesh, which he protects and provides for.

She was given her role as a child of God, too.

Primarily for communion (words) and actions. To compliment and to adhere. To come alongside and assist in the home making, etc. Adam's need was fulfilled in his inner being (we often call soul) as his spirit man communed with God and found everything else it needed there.

To place Eve on too high a pedestal or too low complementation is obviously wrong. Adam or man needed both woman and God in his life, and vice versa.

When the curse or judgement of God came because of their rebellion, she required his role more than he hers. And came under his leadership more than complimenting him. (This judgement is not rescinded in Christ, but partially obliterated - the spiritual part anyway) Woman was meant to be led by man in her role but not to the extent that God's judgement had to place her after the curse.

As for the right hand side or left hand side of the rib taking, well, to me (who is formally trained as a biologist) this "rib" might have meant genetical rib, DNA and RNA, not the physical rib at all. Quite a bit of the Eden story is just symbolic and not real. There being no real trees of knowledge, it was another dimension altogether. And we don't know how long it lasted, but we do know that no child was produced in Eden, this came later in terms of history.

Hope this both answers your question and leads you onto  more "food for thought".

Be blessed Phillip,

(And continue to respect and love your wife of 32 years)  

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