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Well when I sleep I try not to dream of sex but I happen to sometimes without knowing.....i dream of having sex with my boyfriend and sometimes with people I don't even know.....i dont know how to get over these dreams its like I look forward to dream them but in my heart I know it's wrong and know that Christ doesn't want me to dream that stuff and neither do a teen and think that's the real hardest thing to get over as a Christian teen where every one expects better and more from....but just don't know I want to do the things other girls are doing but I won't b/c Jesus loves me and tells me that it's wrong and its bad for me so I dont and really dont wanna until I get married but these dreams are driving me insane.....i try and try but they keep coming up unexpectedly......i know this take dedication to Jesus and all but I do try I just end up sleeping and doing the same thing.....but could you plz help me I researched and I just dnt know what to do thank you for your time also

Dear Brianna;

The Lord is not angry with you. He knows you don't have control of your mind in the same way when you sleep as you do when you are awake. He also knows you are a young woman who would like to marry a fine man and make love to him. He created sex and made it a delight for married couples to share. He's not mad at you. But you need to recognize that you are in the middle of a war and you are both the soldier and the prize that must be won.

Like any soldier going into battle you need both training and armor. Most Christians lack real training for battle with our enemy. We'll talk about both. First your armor.

Your armor is discussed in Ephesians 6:12-17 where Paul several important pieces, but the ones you need right now are the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit. It's clear that since it's a helmet it covers your head, but what does it mean, "Helmet of Salvation"? Think about that for a minute and ask God to give you a revelation about the Helmet of Salvation.

I'll tell you a little that I've learned about the Helmet of Salvation, but what I know is not the whole picture, maybe not even half of it. Preachers can tell you what they know about the Helmet of Salvation and you can add everything they say and I say up together and still not have a complete picture of what the Helmet of Salvation is and what it means for you.

Jesus is our Salvation--His Name means Salvation. Jesus is Greek for Yeshua which means "He Will Save." (Yeshua is Joshua in English.) Everything needed for your salvation is either in Jesus or had been done by Jesus. To keep your mind free and clean, you need to think about Jesus. Jesus, the King of the Universe, the Power that Holds the Universe Together and keeps it working properly (Hebrews 1) is your helmet! He wants to cover your head and protect you!

Think about Jesus all day--think about Him more than anything or anyone else. Get up in the morning praising Him, thank Him all day and think about what He's done for you. Every little delight and beauty is a gift from Him. The lovely sky, the bird singing sweetly, the delicious orange or the beautiful flower--all gifts from Him to you. Think of the miracle of His love that even if you were the only sinful person in the universe He still would have come and died for you in exactly the same way. He loves you more than you can comprehend. His love for you is like a gigantic ocean and if you would just let go and let yourself sink a little, you would be surrounded in it. You would be so surrounded in it that no ugly thing anybody says, no evil thought, nothing can touch you. All those things only touch you now because, you, like most Christians, dog paddle at the top of Jesus' love where those things are coming in like arrows to hurt you. Just give up to Jesus and give Him everything-your present moment, what you will wear today, where you will go, what you will eat--everything--just rest in Jesus.

Jesus' love is so vast that if you just bask in it, like Mary did when she sat at Jesus' feet, you would never be miserable or scared. Paul writes about this in Romans 8:38 & 39. Once you belong to Jesus, nothing can separate you from His Love--nothing. Not your sin, not sexual dreams, not ugly thoughts about someone--nothing.

In the Gospel of John, John calls himself "the apostle Jesus loved." John was doing the thing I'm asking you to do, he was practicing thinking about Jesus and how much He loved him. Contrast Peter who said that he would go anywhere Jesus went, who said that he would never betray the Lord, but who ended up cowering in fear and denying he even knew who Jesus was. Meanwhile, John followed along behind Jesus, quietly. He reminded himself that he was the "apostle Jesus loves" and he was able to follow Jesus all the way to the cross. This is because John focused on Jesus' love for him rather than on his love for Jesus! If you copy John, thinking of yourself as the "Brianna Jesus loves," then you can do anything, even follow Jesus to the cross! He loves you so much that if you mess up, He immediately cleans up the mess. He loves you so much that He is never, never mad at you--never. Think about how much He loves you, read one of the Psalms, like Psalm 103. Read Psalm 23 and memorize it. Think about what it says, "a table in the presence of my enemies." There are no enemies in Heaven! This is a table here on planet earth, safe and protected from enemies who have to stand around outside and watch while you feast with the Lord. You are in a Jesus bubble of love and nothing bad can touch you.

At bed time it's time to use the Sword of the Spirit. The Sword of the Spirit is Jesus' Name and His Word. Read Psalm 91:11. This is one of passages the devil quoted when he tried to make Jesus fail, you can use it to make him fail! Read it out loud then ask Jesus to post angels around your bed and your house to keep the enemy away while you sleep. Jesus has given you His powerful Name at which every spirit must bow in obedience and eventually every human will also bow. He expects you to use that Name to do battle against the enemy. So use Jesus Name and command the enemy to stay away from you in Jesus' Name.

When you lie down think about Jesus. Quote Scripture to yourself. Praise God.

Your mind needs training just like an athlete's body needs training before she can expect to compete and win. So, don't expect total success instantly. You might have a night or two where the same, old bad things happen, but don't be discouraged. The King of the Universe loves you, nobody can or ever will love you more; He is not mad at you. Keep on training your mind to think on Jesus all day long. Look for new Scriptures that talk about what a lovely Savior He is and memorize them and think about what they say.

The Helmet of Salvation protects your head and once you realize how thoroughly and utterly you are saved, you will realize that guilt is an enemy dart! The enemy uses guilt to cause us to fail. Guilt does not come from God--conviction comes from God, but not guilt. Guilt is the feeling that you are not worthy, that you are a failure, that you are a worm because you made a mistake. Guilt is a lie! It's a filthy lie from hell. Conviction is the feeling you get when you know you made a mistake and you need to either turn it over to God and let Him fix it or you need to go and apologize right now. Conviction often scares us because we know we need to do something uncomfortable. Guilt doesn't feel uncomfortable--not in the same way--guilt feels like home, that's because guilt is the home territory of the unforgiven sinner! When God convicts you, you still feel deeply loved, you still know He adores you. When you feel guilt, you are certain God has stopped loving you and you are outside of His Grace. Remember: Guilt is a Lie!

The enemy will try to use guilt to keep you in his trap. He's probably using it right now! Recognize it for what it is: guilt is a filthy lie! God does not think you are a worm. God has not given up on you. God LOVES you! In Jesus Name renounce guilt and command it to leave. When you feel it creeping up on you again, demand it to leave again in Jesus' Name. This is both training and battle. And that is how it is in God's Kingdom--training is battle and battle is training and it's not over until we WIN! This is because God never gives up--never. He will never, never give up on you. Knowing that, don't give up on yourself. Keep training and doing battle until you win!



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