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May I ask if what or who is the whore of babylon, some say its church or a huge religious org.that have killed millions of God's saints, that 7 kings will come out, and last will be the 8 king which is from the 7 kings(the 8 king which is at present?), some say its a city (rev. 17:18) as it was stated in the bible that it will be desolate and burned in 1 hour and no merchants will buy from it (rev.18:11-19).

Who are the 10 horns which are the 10 kings? are they the world unions?

Thanks and God bless!!

Iím afraid I wonít be much help to you, Jake.  My take on prophecy is that we will recognize it when it happens and probably not entirely before then.  I read much of Revelations like a child who memorizes something, but its significance doesnít become clear till many years later.
   The prophecies of the first coming of Jesus are clear to us now, and they strengthen our faith.  God gives details of things to come so we realize that our faith is in Someone Who knows the future (which we really donít completely understand even with the details Heís given us).
   I believe the main purpose for human life is to recognize our need for our Creator.  ďIn the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.Ē Genesis 1:26b  An image is like a reflection of something real, so our purpose is to reflect God, which we canít do without Him.  The moon doesnít have light of its own, nor do we.  The reflection of the sun is the moonís light, and our lifeís light is reflection of Godís Son, Jesus Christ, Who paid our death penalty, so He could live in us filling our need for our Creator.
   As we need to take action for the future, I believe prophecies become more and more clear, but not without continually reading Godís Word and depending on Him to guide us.
   I appreciate your interest in Godís prophecies.  May you have His wisdom to help you continue to study them.

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