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The bible tells us that two of each kind of all animals  were taken into the Ark. And the whole earth was flooded. In those days the world then was known as being flat. Here is my Question; Australia was not known to that part of the world, so how did the Kangaroos and Koala bears make it to the Ark?

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You ask a good question. First, let's talk about species of animals. For example, there are many types of animals belonging to the canine species. This includes all dogs, wolves, jackals, coyotes, etc. Only one pair of animals representing the species needed to be included on the ark in order to produce the many variations present today within the species.

The same is true of marsupials, which includes kangaroos, koalas (not really bears/ursidae), wallabies, possums, and wombats.

So how did marsupials, currently found predominantly in Australia, get to the ark, which is presumed to have launched from Eurasia?

One possibility is that, at one point, there was one great land mass that later was broken up into separate land masses, forming the continents as they are today. Some refer to this theory as "Continental Drift." See for a discussion of this theory and how it fits the Bible. Also and Compare Genesis 1:9 and 7:11.

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, feel free to write back.


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