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Kim Moody wrote at 2014-01-10 19:00:49
If u dig deeper in the Bible that speaking in tongues was a language that was spoken.IF u speak in tongues what is that?How am I going to understand what you saying.God is not going to speak through a person and you not understand, a person blabbing words.Have you really really listen to a person speaking in tongues sounds crazy to me. Please listen to Sheperds chapel on cable tv-Pastor Arnold Murray your eyes will be open to God's TRUTH.  

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I have studied the Bible and Bible-related topics since the time I was very young. My education includes a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Bible, and a Master of Divinity degree. I enjoy delving into deep theological issues and always enjoy a healthy debate. But more importantly, I like working with people and helping them to find the answers that they are looking for. And I am convinced that these answers are available in the Bible.


By the grace and mercy of God, I have been saved, born again, adopted into the family of God. God has given me a love for the Bible, and for Bible-related subjects. In addition, He has blessed me with ongoing training in the Scriptures, from my youth on up. The more I learn about God through His Word, the more I want to share!

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