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I have always felt that there are ghosts/demons around, but I have God's protection, so I can happily ignore. I feel that much like a parent tells his child to stay home and not wander away and talk to strangers, we are best not getting involved in the occult, (in fact commanded not to) until the day we meet our heavenly father, and then he cam explain it to us in heaven whats goin on- when we have grown up!
Are you you are familiar with these devices called spirit or ghost boxes?. At first they were expensive and you only saw them on shows like Ghost Adventures, now they are a lot cheaper, you can buy them online, and put a video on youtube of the ghost voices you have caught.
They almost seem too good to be true. Intelligent answers from distinct voices. Are these things the real deal? If so, are they spirit voices or demonic? Will they become the new ouija boards?
Is this one of the devils new tricks?
Thanks and God Bless, have a happy new year too.

Yes, though usually I have seen them called EVP recorders. I have also seen ghost hunters use EMF meters as a means of recording answers from supposed spirits. Usually the voices are not so clear - and often what I have seen where they are used on TV, in order to get a clear answer, the ghost hunter tells you what he heard and then replays the recording a few times and through suggestion, you try to hear it also and ultimately do. One site that tells you how to turn your computer into a EVP recorder inadvertently also tells you some of the secrets.

It said that you use your microphone but them need a source of noise nearby, either white noise or the noise from am AM radio turned off frequency. Thus it is NOT electronic energy from the spirits or you would want a very quiet background and listen for weak signals. They recommending layering several sources for better results. If you are using some other source, there are many different things that can cause changes that could be interpreted as voice. For example, am AM radio - anything nearby can affect it including and especially that computer you are using in this case.

To demonstrate, take a AM receiver, put it off station and then start running any program (i.e. MS-Word for example) and listen to the changes in background noise. If you layer it as suggested, then there a variety of different frequencies of noise involved and they will mix, causing some spurious sounds as the mix and add and subtract, much the same way waves on water do it you have three people jiggle their hands at different rates nearby in a pond.

If you take any radio outside at night and listen, especially an AM radio off frequency, you will periodically hear things due to all the radio sources that exist anywhere near populated areas, and at night, on AM bands, you can receive interference from thousands of miles away.

Some of the boxes I have heard sound very much like they are picking up nearby business band and other two way radios off frequency, perhaps as a radio equipped car is driving a mile or so away and someone is talking on the radio. Perhaps a ham radio operator is transmitting and the input of the EVP device is affected.

To get more specific, I would need to look at the circuit of a specific box, or get ahold of one and examine it or subject it to some tests, but to to date I have seen nothing that cannot be explained by quite ordinary phenomena.

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