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Hello, my name is James. Why do certain study tools key the word proorwmhn (see beforeself middle-voice) in Acts 2:25 ("I saw the Lord always before me") to strong's G4309 instead of G4308? One example is the NET Bible online study tool ( Thank you much in advance for your help!

I'm tempted to say it's a pure transcription error on the part of the person who made the Strongs reference. Does another study tool do the same thing? It's conceivable that the person preparing the NETS study tool passed on an error from the other tool, which he or she was consulting. There is, however, no possibility that prowrizw is the intended verb stem behind proorwmhn. The word prooraw makes perfect sense here, and NETS translates proorwmhn as if prooraw is the stem. I'm blanking on what form we'd expect if the stem were proorizw, but even if it were irregularly formed as proorwmhn, context rules it out as the possible stem. David cannot be saying that he was continuously foreordaining his Lord in his (David's) presence.

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