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I was told that when first created, Satan "Was" music itself. Could you tell me what passage of the bible this appears in.........thanks Pete.

Hi, Pete,
Thank you for submitting your Bible question. I'll be glad to answer it below.

You asked: I was told that when first created, Satan "Was" music itself. Could you tell me what passage of the bible this appears in.........

My response: I've read the Bible over a dozen of times (most portions dozens of times). I do not remember reading any verse of any translation version that says that Satan was music itself at the time he was created. Do you remember the context of the conversation or material in which you were told of this? Perhaps, if you give me more information, I can have an idea of what this may refer to.

What I can tell you now is that the Bible does not teach us that Satan was anything else but a spiritual creature created by God who decided to rebel against his Creator. "Satan" is Hebrew that means "adversary." Hence, it's not the creature's actual name. It's the same case with "Adam." "Adam" is Hebrew that means "human." When the first two people were created, God called them both "adam." (Genesis 5:2) But through time, "Adam" became the proper name of the first man, just as "Satan" became the devil's name through time.

Please let me know if you have any other question, and I'd be more than glad to answer it.

Thank you again for your question.

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