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The bible was written a very long time ago and due to this it doesn't include teachings or advice on a lot of modern day situations.
How do you go about getting around this? Do we try and update it ourselves.
For instance if I made an artificially intelligent robot then killed it would I have sinned? Or if we found life on another planet was god responsible for that second genesis even though the bible says he only put life exclusively on earth?



Thanks for writing, Chris.
   Why be sarcastic about the Bible without even giving it a chance?  From what you say, you donít sound familiar with what it says or doesnít say, or should I ask your Bible reference of where God says He only put life exclusively on earth?  
   Anyway, The Bible, as is, can show you how to have a wonderful New Year and a wonderful forever through Jesus Christ our Lord.  It may seem hard to accept our need for a Savior from our sins and to trust Jesus enough to allow Him to be Lord in our lives, but it is worth it.
   Mrs. Lyons

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