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Hi Teacher Scott,

Well, I have a couple of questions. First is in Matt 8:22 How do dead people bury other dead people? Last I knew dead meant dead. You don't get up and walk around ect.

The other question is about the birth of Christ. First the Bible says 'you shall call his name Jesus' and next the Bible says to call Him Emmanuel. My daughter asked me about it and all I could come up with was a nickname.


Hi Joyce,

In Matthew 8:22, when Jesus said, "Let the dead bury their dead," He meant that those who are spiritually dead should bury those who are physically dead. This is not a general principle. In the context of Jesus' mission and message, He was referring to priorities. Essentially, He knew that others were simply trying to come up with excuses for following Him, and He was trying to drive home the urgency of His mission and their discipleship.

As for your second question, I cannot answer it any better than this web site (

I hope that helps. Enjoy the Christmas season!


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