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Before Christ was God considered to have been at odds with his people and then peace was made after Christ's work???


One could look at the Old Testament as a repeated pattern.  God initiates a relationship with His people, they turn away from Him, suffer hardship and God reaches out to them again.  This would lead me to conclude that while God's people are often at odds with Him, He is constantly trying to reconcile the relationship. I may be coming close to a semantic argument but I think this is an important distinction.  God had set a plan of redemption in place for the Hebrews that came to fruition in Christ.

An important difference, however, was that while an animal sacrifice may have cleaned one of past sin it is only Christ's sacrifice which offers forgiveness of all sins, past and present, and presents us as totally holy before God.  Under Old Testament law a person could strive for holiness and to some measure through obedience of the law achieve it.  Under the New Covenant we are declared Holy by Christ's actions, therefore permanently reconciled by Christ's work.

So in short, while the religion of the Hebrews offered some form of reconciliation between God and His people it was only temporary.  Christ's reconciliation has given us total and full forgiveness putting us in a permanent state of peace with God.


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