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QUESTION: hello sir,
am 21year old male and i follow hinduism.
i want to learn about christianity and bible in depth as i have seen similarity in stories of kuran bible and some hindu literatures.. so i want to study christianity.. so which bible i should study because i dnt know much about bibles.. and apart from bible which book i can study for eg. genesis or other books coz i love to read stories and fables
thank you sir

ANSWER: Nice to hear from India, Rishabh.
A quite literal translation of the bible is: The Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition [San Francisco, Ignatius Press, 2006].  If that is beyond your reach, let me know.
For a presentation of Catholic Christianity, you could go on the internet to:
Also, if you live in southeast India, you might be interested in the shrine to Our Lady of Good Health at Velankanni Town, Tamil Nadu.  An acquaintance of mine, who lives in my city, was born near there.  I understand that many Hindu followers go there.
Best wishes to you.

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QUESTION: hello sir,
thanks for help but the bible you suggested me is unavailable here and i love in north india thats approx 3700km away from south india... so please tell me something which i can get here in market ...and is old and new testaments differents things in bible??and sir i recommend you to watch a documentry called "zeitgeist" in that they have proved scientifically that zesus wasnt ever born its just a myth and after watching that tell me your views because that documentry confused me.. plese help me out

Rishabh, I just received a message from my friend,Fr. James Swetnam, who taught in Rome for many years:  
Send your inquirer this address:
Ask him to use my name. Fr. Andrews George is in Kerala and a former student of mine.

My suggestion for a website in India:
That is the website of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India.  On the home page is a link to the Holy Bible  -- clicking down you will come to: The New Jerusalem Bible.  I recommend that edition.
The website also contains links to Catholic institutions --  if any are near you, you could check the library.

If you have further questions or need assistance with the website, please feel free to write again.

The movie Zeitgeist saying that Jesus is an unreal myth certainly stands on no firm ground.
Roman authorities refer to Christians being in Rome when Nero replied to the city fire of the mid 60s AD  [reported by Tacitus in his second century history of Rome].  Also, Pliny the Younger was queried in the late first century whether a provincial governor should go to look for Christians to prosecute them or just wait until someone was accused.  Many Christians had been  executed for being a Christian.  Manuscripts are still extant of New Testament writings from the beginning of the second century.  That people who became Christians were executed for their beliefs does not make it very likely that they were ready to die for some unreal myth.
I am not sure that I can refer you to a book on Christian Apologetics available to you.  If there is a Catholic institute of higher education near you, the library would be able to give you a much more comprehensive explanation of the historical evidence for Christianity which developed from the teachings of a Historical Jesus.  

Again, best wishes, Rishabh

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