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Hi Rev Philip

what do christians think of people of other holy religions? are they going to hell?

Dear Fouad,

Many people are brought up and grow up under different cultures.

The story of God sending His Son to die for our sins. This is not a religion but an act of God. Christian philosophy is not following Jesus Christ but following people's self made interpretation and adaptation of Jesus teachings to suit their own exclusive club which is loosely known as "religion".

All values are better than no values.

But anyone who resists and rejects Jesus the Son of God, does not inherit eternal life.

God is bigger than all religions and He states that "The soul that sins , it shall die",
He judges eternally, not man. Teaching dont save us, only they can make us godly in our daily life.

But accepting the sacrifice for our sin nature through Jesus Christ, saves us from the effects of this.

People get prejudiced and  withdraw from Jesus believing "Christian" religion or philosophy to be evil. This makes a barrier, a wall, behind which they cannot get the truth of God. They are not automatically excluded from heaven. Only those who know the story of Jesus without these walls of prejudice refusing Him, are excluded.

All religion, even Christian religion does not save us from hell. Only acceptin g and following Jesus properly causes this.

Be blessed !

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