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QUESTION: I had a brain cramp. Every time I'd remember the question I'd go and forget it again.

So back in Genesis, in the Garden, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and brought sin into the world... is there a reason that anyone knows of, as to WHY God didn't interfere and 'make things right again'

Just because they introduced sin was/is there some reason why He could not have just 'done away' with the sin and made things as before?

ANSWER: When God's holiness is violated, the issue cannot be dismissed. God's nature demands that sin be addressed. So God could not just ignore it or make things right again, as you say. But there was a way to make things right. Judgement was still required. But God came up with a plan. God Himself would come to earth in the form of a man and pay the penalty for us. In that way, judgment could be avoided ... but only for those who accepted this gift from God--the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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QUESTION: Ok. I had to think about this for a few days but I think I have it now.

Did you ever see the movie, AI: Artificial Intelligence, with Haley Joel Osment? He was a robot--a very lifelike robot. A couple who lost their son "adopted" this robot child as their new son. He was an adorable "child," extremely loving and caring. You couldn't ask for a better son.

But the parents realized that he was only a robot ... that all of the "love and affection" was merely a part of his program and was not genuine. Eventually they realized that true love could not exist when love was programmed into the equation. Unless love was voluntary, it was not genuine. And so they abandoned their robot "son."

God could have made us in such a way that we never sinned. He could have programmed it into us. He could have programmed us to love Him. But that would not have been genuine love.

In order for love to be genuine, it has to be voluntary. And, if it's voluntary, that means some will choose not to love. And, when that choice is made, sin enters the picture.

Some ask, "Why would God allow sin?" Well, I think the answer lies partly in the following: Genuine love cannot possibly exist without the possibility of sin. In other words, if  we make someone love us, it's not really love.

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