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Hello again Mr Gade:

    Today is 6 months clean from drugs and alcohol for me - the longest I have gone since I was 12 (Im 47). Anyway I was reading in exodus how God wanted moses to tell the people to consecrate the first born male of people and animals. I have a few questions about this.

    Why Offer up and Kill the animals if this practice was supposed to reflect the passover and saving of first born people and animals who came from the homes of Jews who sprinkled the blood on their door posts???

    What exactly did "Consecrating" the first born human males mean?

    Most importantly - How does this practice relate to Christ who is the first born among many

    Finally how does this relate to christians who are NOT the firstborn since Christ was?

         Thanx Pete T

pete t

Again, sorry for the long delay in answering.  Some health problems in the family needed to taken care of.

Congratulations in being an "over comer". It is great when we see the Holy Spirit guiding and empowering us in our lives as signs of His individual love for each of us.

The word "kawdesh" in Hebrew means to consecrate, sanctify, make holy or set apart. This had to do with a remembering of God's caring for His people much like the Lord's Supper is a remembering for us who are in the New Covenant that we have been saved and set free by the blood of the Firstborn both in the Passover and Holy Communion.

The first use of the word "firstborn" when Cain and Abel made their first sacrifice; Cain from the vegetables and Cain from his sheep. All animal sacrifices point to the only begotten Son of God whom His Father love.... but sent to fulfill all righteousness yet free us from the condemnation of our sin.  

Jesus' sacrifice was sufficient, and more than sufficient, to redeem all who will receive it.  His suffering, death and resurrection was for the sins of the whole world and unlike the era after the Fall and the giving of the Law, it was "once for all" and not needing repeating. We are baptized into Christ and into His death so that all that He won is now and forever our sonship with God.

It is good to remember how good and loving our heavenly Father is to us and that Jesus' benefits are there for all our family and neighbors so that we may have hope for them too.

Peace be with you, Pete t.


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