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What do you make of the story of the Nephilim, or sons? of God?
Sounds like Ancient aliens. Why is that in the bible? Is there a more practical 'Christian' explanation for it? Thanks!

Unfortunately, scripture is not clear on the point of exactly what their heritage is. Indications are that they were giants, very impressive and powerful men. Possibly we see a recessive gene of these mighty men coming out in the person of Goliath some time afterward, as we do see Nephilim mentioned again in Number 13:33.

Space aliens? I see no validation of that view in scripture. It does say that they come from daughters and men and sons of God. There have been many debates over exact what the "sons of God" mean. Some say that it may refer to fallen angels, but I do not see how an angel/demon could procreate with a human woman, so I find that answer difficult. The space alien theory has a few issues, such as (1) nothing in these passages would suggest that they come from another planet (2) Space aliens (if they even exist) would likely be unable to procreate with human women, and if they could, we might find the same problem as with animals that can procreate, but are of different species - the offspring is often impaired in some way, fails to survive long, and/or is infertile.

Why is the passage in scripture? Perhaps giving background to the future events with Goliath, and also to explain some background behind what the Israelites saw when they entered the land of Caanan.

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