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Bible Studies/Mormons. Are they based on Free masons?



I am not a mormon. But I have been curiously looking them up on the internet. And I am coming on some material that says the mormon belief and religion is based on Free Masons.

I actually don't know much about the Free Masons either. Other than what I am reading in its comparisons to the mormon religion. Supposedly in Freemasonry you have several advancing degrees. In the mormon church there is the same thing but it is worded differently and does not go up as high as the 33 degrees in free masons. Also some of the rituals the freemasons do are supposedly in the Mormon church like the blind folding of people and a ritual to make them accepted or iniated in.
This is some strange stuff if it is true. I am not bashing the mormons. This could all be wrong but I am apprehensive in going to a church unless I know more. I do feel like they are a cult based on my instincts.



Mark, If you want to learn about Jesus, read the Bible. Freemasonry, the Illuminati, Mormonism, and so forth--just nonsense to distract you from what really matters. That would be the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Best wishes to you in your study of Christ.  

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