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Hi im Sonia i would like to know if you can explain to the ark of the covenant and its importance.

Dear Sonia,

Today the ark of the covenant is spiritualised.

It bore inside it the commandments of God.

Some manna from heaven that never grew old or mouldy.
And Aaron's almond rod flowering.

These are easily symbolised into the lawfulness of God's nature.
Jesus the bread from heaven and the heavenly priesthood of all believers.

It , as a whole, represented the judgement seat of God and once a year the mercy seat where God overlooked humanities sins. As the High Priest , starting with Aaron entered the Holiest of all places in the tabernacle of Moses once a year, sprinkling blood everywhere. To atone for the sins of the people.

Now all these things are done through Jesus Christ.

If you remember when He died for our sins the curtain dividing the holy place into the holiest of all was ripped from top to bottom... It's dimensions were 30x40 feet and 3 inches thick as I remember.

So today all these things are accomplished through the eternal sacrifice of Jesus.

I hope this clears things for you a little?

God bless Sonia.

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