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QUESTION: Hello Teacher Scott,

I am finding Ezekiel very interesting.  I didn't have to go too far before I got stumped. I am in ch 4 vs 4.

The Lord is telling Ezekiel to lie on his left side and lay Israel upon it. Ok this part of laying Israel, I don't get. I can't figure out how he would do this. It must be figurative but I don't understand it.
Next, 'according to the number of days' This I don't understand either. If Israel sinned 427 for example, Ezekiel has to lie there for 427 days?
Also I would like to know if this is an 8 hr a day job that he had ect. He must have had a break at some point, I would imagine.

ANSWER: Hi Joyce,

God's command to Ezekiel was an object lesson for him and for the nation. Ezekiel was told to lie on his left side facing Jerusalem. To do so, he would have been facing north. This represents the sins of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

When he lay on his left side, he was facing south, and this represented the sins of the Southern Kingdom of Israel (also called Judah).

The number of days Ezekiel lay on his side representing the number of years of the sin of both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms (see verse 5).

If you read verses 9-17, you will find that Ezekiel was instructed to perform certain other actions. Therefore, it is logical to assume that he was not required to lie down for 24 hours of each day.


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QUESTION: Ok Next question:
in vs 16 of ch 4. God said  He would cut off the bread supply, then says  they shall eat bread with anxiety...

So my problem is how do they eat bread at all if the supply has been cut off?

then to ch 6 vs 4: "I will cast down your slain men before idols"

I think but I'm not positive I get this one. Once they are already slain does God take them up only to cast them down again?

Hi Joyce.

Ezekiel 4:16 The food supply would be destroyed, leaving them with only starvation rations.

Ezekiel 6:4  God is saying that those who built the idols and the places of false worship would be killed, and their dead bodies strewn among the altars.


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