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Hi Teacher Scott! Betcha can't guess who?

Well, I have just started Lamentations and all but a few words are going right over my head.

I'm going to be asking quite a few questions on this one.

Starting ch 1 vs 1: How lonely sits the city... first.. which city? Judah? Jerusalem?

So is the city lonely because all the people were taken into captivity?
How like a widow is she.. this part I don't get at all. Why is the city like a widow? What is the comparison?

Then the Bible says the Princess among the Provinces.. What Princess? Has become a slave? Was she taken with the rest of the city?

I have a ton of questions but I'll start with one at a time.

Thanks again for helping me!

Hi Joyce!

Jeremiah's lamentation is over Israel, specifically Jerusalem, the capital.

Jeremiah likens Jerusalem to a widow to create an analogy of her pain and grief.

Yes, her grief is about the captivity--the fact that her inhabitants have been taken into captivity, and she (the Princess) has been stripped of her glory.

Jerusalem is like a widow because she has lost what is near and dear to her--her "husband," God, and His presence and blessing.  It is a very grievous time.  

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