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QUESTION: Hi teacher Scott.  I need more help.

On Lamentations ch 1 vs 2 "Among all her lovers there is none to comfort her"?
I assume that means all the other cities around? All the other cities' around? It would be easier if Jeremiah had spoken in English.

In vs 3, it says that "JUDAH has gone into captivity" I thought it was Jerusalem?

in vs 4 "The roads to Zion" ? Are these supposed to be litteral roads?  and no one comes to "set the feasts" What feasts? I don't get that one either.
and "her virgins are afflicted" Does that mean the women of the city?

ANSWER: Hi, Joyce.

Admittedly, Lamentations can be a wee bit difficult to understand, since it is written in a poetic style. Let's take a look at your questions from the next few verses.

Verse 2:  "Lovers" refers to the other nations to which Israel turned for comfort and security. God was supposed to be Israel's "husband," but she often committed spiritual adultery by turning her devotion to other nations.

Verse 3:  "Judah" and "Jerusalem" (It's capital city) are sometimes used interchangeably.

Verse 4:  "The roads to Zion" means the people who are traveling along those roads.

The feasts are those outlined in the Mosaic Law (in Leviticus).

Yes, the virgins are the young women.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: now I am beginning to understand. I'm gald its a short book. Before its over you probably will be too. LOL

How would a city spread out its hands in vs 17? I thought ZION was another name for Heaven?

Also I don't get "The Lord has commanded concerning JACOB? Is he still living at this point?

also in ch 2 vs 8: The rampart and wall lament? How does that work?

Hi Joyce!

Verse 17: The idea of the city's spreading out its hands is a metaphorical way of referring to the people of the city spreading out their hands in surrender and acceptance.

Zion is another name for Jerusalem.

Jacob is another name for Israel (which happens to be a name God gave to Jacob). It represents the descendants of Jacob, or the nation of Israel, God's chosen people.

2:8: Walls and ramparts are defensive elements of a city. They are designed to protect the inhabitants from outside intruders. Their lament has to do with the fact that the enemy has overcome the defenses and has overtaken the city.

Keep the questions coming!  ;^)


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