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Where can the "1985 Hodges-Farstad The Greek New Testament According to the Majority Text with Apparatus" be read online?

A short search doesnít show that it can be read online, but you might be able to ask your library to try to find it and do an interlibrary loan where you pay minimal shipping (cheaper than buying the book).
   I did find a list of some scriptures differences at this website.

ďThere are almost 1900 differences between the Textus Receptus and the Hodges-Farstad majority text, many of these very significant. Thus, while this matter is not as serious as the problem between the Received Text and the Westcott-Hort Text, it is something which must be faced. Should I John 5:7 be in our Bibles? As we have noted, this clear and powerful witness to the Triune Godhead is not in the Hodges-Farstad Text.Ē

Iím sorry that I canít be of more help to you.
   Mrs. Lyons  

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