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In chapter 5 vs 25, the King sees a hand writing "Mene, Mene, Tekel, UPHARSIN"

then in vs 28 it repeated as "PERES" so that's the part I don't get. One vs says UPHARSIN and another says PERES

Hello Joyce!

Thank you for your question, which is a most interesting one. As an apocalyptic book, Daniel contains much that is difficult to understand, and this is certainly one of those instances.  I would not claim that the response that I make to your question is the definitive answer, but I trust that you will find it to be helpful. By the way, it is exactly the kind of question that my wife - who is also named, Joyce - keeps asking me! Perhaps it has something to do with the name!!!

First of all, what we have in v.25 is the record of what was actually written on the wall.  In vs.26-28, we have the interpretation (not the translation!) as provided by Daniel. The letter 'u' is, in Aramaic, the conjunction 'and'.  What we read as 'pharsin' is the plural of 'phares'.  So the message is, effectively, the same.  However, there is a play on words in the original language as 'pharsin' referred to the Persians, while 'peres' and 'phares' are almost identical, and may be translated as 'divided'.

Remember, too, that the original words would have consisted only of consonants.

To try to sum all of that up: v.25 provides the words written - words that could have been read by anyone.  Then, in vs.26-28, we have the interpretation of the words, using a play on 'Persian' and 'divided'.

I trust that the above will have been of some assistance to you.

Blessings, and shalom.

C.Brian Ross (Rev).  

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