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QUESTION: Betcha can't guess who?

Well, what I don't quite understand is Ezekiel ch 40. the first verse says 'in the TWENTY FIFTH year of our captivity... in the FOURTEENTH year after the city was captured....' So were they held captive by someone else? I don't understand, first it says the TWENTY FIFTH year then it the FOURTEENTH year.. what did I miss?

ANSWER: Well hello, Joyce!

The last time we corresponded, I was on the east coast, in Pennsylvania. I recently took a job in the Seattle area, and my wife will be joining me in a few weeks. So now I am writing to you from the west coast.

When the Jews (Southern Kingdom, aka Judah) were taken captive by Babylon, the captivity actually took place in three stages. The first was in 605 BC, when a small group of nobles were taken. This included Daniel and his three friends.

The second stage was in 597 BC, when about 10,000 more captives were taken, including Ezekiel.

The final stage was in 586 BC, when Jerusalem fell and all remaining citizens were taken captive to Babylon.

So the date to which Ezekiel was referring in chapter 40 is 572 BC. This was 25 years after he was taken captive, and 14 years after the city fell in 586 BC.


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QUESTION: ok. I understand that now. Where are you on the west coast? I have a friend n CA. Are you going to be living there permanently?

ANSWER: We're in Seattle ... at Pike Place Market as we speak. This is permanent ... got a new job here.

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QUESTION: so you have a new job. Congratulations! Doing what? Do you have any kids that are coming?

I work in a field called Planned Giving. We help people with their charitable giving by offering tax-wise tools and strategies for greater efficiency and impact.

We have one son who is 25 and living in San Francisco. That's a short plane ride away from here, so it will be easier to connect with him from time to time.

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