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Before I ask a brief question let me just say I regard all who accept Jesus as fully God are my brothers.

A friend of mine answered a lot of my scriptural question but always struggled with this one I thought. Jesus is identified as having his will and the as Father having his. "I have not come to do my own will but the will of my Father who sent me."
So does not one person have one will? And conversely does not two separate wills mean two separate persons? What do you think?


Scripture is clear that there are 3 persons, but one God. Being one God, and I might add God is perfect and His will is perfect, so that being the case, although each person may have a will, their wills would be perfectly aligned. However, keep in mind that Jesus chose to come to earth as a man to die on the cross for our sins. And as a man, He voluntarily, and willingly took on the role and responsibilities of a man and that includes submitting Himself and His will to that of the Father as is required of all man. If as a man, He did not submit to the commandments of God given to men, He would have been in rebellion against God, which is sin, and He, being perfect, does not sin. So, although they might have their own wills, that does not mean that they differ in any way, and submitting to the Father is an act of obedience.

By the fact that they are two persons does not mean, as some claim, two gods. They are one God and that is shown throughout scripture. One interesting example is Gen 19:24, where we see YHWH God on the ground, calling forth fire and brimstone from YHWH God in the heavens. The word is often translated as LORD in Bibles, but the original Hebrew in both places in that verse is YHWH, the one true God.

Showing what scripture says about the nature of God is a huge topic and not one easily compressed into a few paragraphs, but here is another article which may help:

Please feel free to ask a follow-up question if I can help further.  

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