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Dear Marilyn

Christmas Day is celebrated for the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

Will you be against lighting Fire crackers on the Christmas Day as part of Christmas celebrations which Hindus celebrate during Diwali festival by lighting Fire crackers?.


Hello Preshant,

Typically we do not shoot off fireworks until New Year's Eve and during the first day of the new year. Whether one shoots fireworks or not on Christmas Day depends on the attitude and reasoning behind it. Fireworks are fun, they are pretty, they add to a feeling of celebration--those are reasons enough to shoot fireworks.

Paul says when discussing eating meat that has been offered to idols, it's ok to eat it, but if it causes another believer to fall, then it would be better to abstain. If shooting fireworks on Christmas Day would be a stumbling block to the weak since they might associate it with Hindu worship, then it wouldn't be a good idea.



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