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Dear Jim

Christmas Day is celebrated for the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

Will you be against lighting Fire crackers on the Christmas Day as part of celebrations which Hindus celebrate during Diwali festival?.


I have a few problems with this question.
It is not a Bible question, the topic of my category and expertise.
Although the Christmas story is in the Bible, the celebration of Christmas as a holiday is not.
Here in America, where I live, fire crackers are traditional for one holiday, American Independence Day, a non-religious holiday, where the fireworks represent warfare.  I have no experience with fire crackers in religious rites.
I am not familiar with the Diwali festival.
I do support religious freedom on religious grounds.  That means I support the free practice of religious rites which I do not understand, or which I understand and disagree with.  The only constraints I place on religious practices is that they be peaceful and not interfere with the religious practices of others.

I hope this is helpful
Jim Miller  

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