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Hello again and thank you for taking my question - In Zechariah 11:4-14 it seems to be talking about punishing Israel by letting foreign nations take her over. I would like to know what on earth the whole chapter has to do with the obvious references to Judas. I dont see the connection. Thank you.

Hi Pete,

As God is judging Israel, specific details of the events and of the prophecy foreshadow events that would later take place in the life of Jesus. In this chapter--specifically verses 12-13--there is a reference to Judas' betrayal of Jesus when he sold his loyalty for 30 pieces of silver which would later buy the potter's field where he was buried.

In both cases--the judgment of Israel several hundred years B.C., and the failure and judgment of Israel at the time of Messiah's rejection--the issue is the same. God chose Israel to reveal Himself to the world, and He established a covenant relationship with Israel for this purpose. Israel violated the covenant, failed to embrace God's ways, suffered judgment, and was eventually set aside in God's plan.

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