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Hello and thank you for taking my question - In Zechariah 11:4-14 it seems to be talking about punishing Israel by letting foreign nations take her over. I would like to know what on earth the whole chapter has to do with the obvious references to Judas. I dont see the connection. Thank you.

Hello Pete!

Thank you for your interesting question.  The connection between this section of the chapter (not, necessarily, the whole chapter - don't forget that chapters and verses were introduced by, if memory serves me well, an Anglican vicar, sometime in the 13th century! Btw, don't quote me on the detail there!!) and Judas is, of course, the thirty pieces of silver.

Zechariah has been instructed, by YHWH, to be a shepherd (v.4), as a sign to the people of Israel.  In this, he is a "type" of the Lord Jesus.  The contemporary Jewish leaders - the shepherds of Israel - were (as, sadly, so many clergy today appear to be!) more concerned with their own position, power, and wealth, than with the spiritual state of the nation and its people.  In his new job, Zechariah carried two staves - one he named 'Grace', and the other he named 'Union' - perhaps by actually writing those names on them.   The two represent, in shepherding terms, the "rod and staff" (see Ps.23:4) used for protection and guidance.

The reference to the destruction of three shepherds, I take as a reference to the three main offices in Judaism - prophet, priest, and king.  How did he "destroy" them?  We are not told, but I would suggest that he was ridiculed for his action - a prophet, employed as a humble shepherd! - and that he metaphorically destroyed them with his words.  Of course, it is always possible that the Lord had a hand in the situation!  Ultimately, we are able only to speculate - and that can be a dangerous activity!

Eventually, Zechariah quits his job - as the people by this time obviously wanted him to do.  He breaks both staves, symbolising the end of God's grace towards Israel, and the union between Israel (the Northern kingdom) and Judah (the Southern kingdom).  he asked for his wages - and was dismissively, and contemptuously, given thirty pieces of silver: the value of a slave (Ex.21:32).  Even this derisory amount, he is instructed, is to be given the potter who worked within the Temple precinct, probably supplying the vessels that were used by the priests.  The 'link' is that it was thirty pieces of silver that Judas received as the price for betraying the Lord Jesus, and that he also threw the coins into the Temple, having realised, too late, that he had betrayed innocent blood. (Matt.27:3-5).

I hope that this helps - although I can already see a supplementary question coming up!  I shall, of course, do my best to answer it as well!!!

Blessings, and shalom.

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