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Dear Rev Ramona

In the Holy Bible - Matthew - 5:43, Love your enemies, Forgive your enemies I have the following questions.

1 In the 21st century, is it possible to achieve the above?.

2 Will the enemy think in the same line,as we think?.


Greetings in Christ,
Thank you for your question. No doubt many are asking the same thing.
As Christians, we are to love as Christ loves us - unconditionally.
That's agape love - perfect love. A love we have not achieved as of
yet. We are 'moving toward perfection - striving toward perfection, as John Wesley
says.  So we strive to obey the Lord and pray for our enemies. Pray their
hard hearts will turn toward Jesus and receive His grace. Is this difficult to do
especially when people behead our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, or rape
Little children or bury people......., you bet it's incredibly difficult!  But we must
do it! We must Pull on the Power and do that which is difficult, and trust God will
Intervene.  We must plant our feet and be steadfast - devoted 'solders of the cross'.

In answer to your second question - most will not!  Our ideologies are completely
diffdrent.  Take the time to study the different idologies, and compare them to
The Christian belief and you will understand . Pray for peace. Pray for our enemies .
Pray that Christ will return soon.
  God bless your heart, dear one,
   Rev. Ramona Stonecipher

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