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Dear Mrs Priscilla

In the Holy Bible - Matthew - 5:43, Love your enemies, Forgive your enemies I have the following questions.

1 In the 21st century, is it possible to achieve the above?.

2 Will the enemy think in the same line,as we think?.


Thank you for writing, Prashant.  
   I donít think it is possible for us to completely control our feelings, especially love our enemies.  However, for the health of our bodies, it would be good to eliminate bitterness and revenge for those who hurt us, and instead, have love for them.  
   So, our Creator is pointing out in Matthew 5:44, that we NEED Him for the health of our bodies, as well as for the perfection WE canít achieve in order to live in a perfect eternity forever with God.  
   Jesus is perfect and He can achieve what is impossible for us.  He offers to do the impossible for us by paying the death penalty for our sins, then coming back to life.  He offers His perfect life to replace our sinful life, if we surrender our self to Him, asking Him to take away our sin.  The wonderful, perfect eternity He gives us and His love in us, allows us to share Godís feeling of pity toward our enemies, who will suffer forever after this short, temporary life is over.
   The enemy will not think in the same line because He will not have Godís love in him.  However, he may be so astonished by Godís love shown to him as we allow God to work in our hearts, that he will repent of his sins and ask God for forgiveness and for His gift of eternal life, even if it means he will suffer and die soon in this short, temporary life.
   The best way to deal with enemies is to encourage them to become your friends.  However, God has given us a choice, and most people choose to look after themselves rather than choose to look to God and desire to serve Him.  So most people will still be enemies, unfortunately for us in the immediate future, but most unfortunately for them in the long, long everlasting future in hell.
   I pray that you are encouraged to trust God for His love in your life.
   Mrs. Lyons

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