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I am currently studying the question of whether the Bible is 100% true or not. I am having problems to prove it's full authenticity due to differences in accounts we can observe throughout the scripture. For example, Genesis 1 versus Genesis 2: we can clearly see that these are both very different accounts that revolve around the creation of the world, so how could these accounts both be true? If the Bible is 100% fact then how could different descriptions of the same event occur?

I would be very thankful if you could answer my question.

The differences in Genesis 1 and 2 are because of the original texts used.  That I recall, there were two different texts that were combined.  Regarding whether the Bible is 100% true, Bishop Pike said, "Something is not true because it's in the Bible. The Bible is true when it says what is true.". This is a good key to follow.  The Bible represents the time in which is written.  It represents the ancient world.  Many things in i
t, like blood sacrifice, are not relevant to the modern world.  The Bible is a human creation and it has been added to and there are endless church interpretations. I think the question is, is the Bible central to faith? Does faith require that the Bible be entirely true? We need to ask what it means that the Bible is God's word?  Do we believe that God literally inspired every word?  In light of Biblical scholarship, we should know better than that.  Think of this: through the witness of scripture, God is revealed.  God speaks through fallible instruments.  The Bible is most true when we let it speak to us.  Something does have to be infallible to be true.  We should, above all, trust God. If we believe, we don't need proof.  We can tear our hair out over the Bible.  We can virtually get depressed over it.  Simply trust God.  What are man's words when compared to trusting faith?  In whom do you put your trust? It comes from the heart.

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