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Hello and thank you for taking my question: I would like to know why the wages of sin are death. Why not something else....does the bible give a reason or only the fact that the wages of sin are death?

         Thankyou Pete

Hi Pete,

Why are the wages of sin death?

First, it's because God is holy. He is pure, perfect, without sin, and without any trace of evil. Therefore, He is right to require the same from us. Any violation of God's holiness, no matter how seemingly small and innocent, is an offense to God's holiness and is deserving of the most severe punishment.

Second, it's because God made us. Without God, we would not even exist. Everything good thing we have comes from God, including life itself. Because we are God's creatures, we are subject to the God to whom we owe our existence.

God is perfect. God is our Creator. God is the righteous judge. When we violate God's laws, we are accountable to Him who made those laws. (And, by the way, those laws are intended for our good.)

Here is the amazing part. God tells us that "the wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23a). But we're also told, in that very same verse, "but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ, His Son."

Yes, we have broken God's law and have been found guilty. Judgment has been passed, and we have been sentenced to death. But God Himself, in the form of a man (Jesus Christ), served our death sentence in our place. Being perfect, He is the only one who could have done so, not having to pay for His own sin. And, by embracing this free gift--Jesus' substitutionary death for us--we can be pardoned and find mercy and grace with God. Not only that, we can be adopted into God's family (John 1:12) and enjoy a close, personal relationship with this same holy Creater God.


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