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yesterday, I came across a exchristian forum. I saw a person who still consider himself to be a christian but he expect himself to be eternal torture in hell because he commit the unforgivable sin of speak against the holy spirit. He claim that he had experience
born again ,receive the holy spirit and felt the spirit move within him, but one day after he said the phrase "oh my god"  he feel that all his happiness went away and experience second death in this world. he think that god take away the holy spirit from him and he feel that he was falling from grace and cannot renew his salvation. went he try to pray to renew his salvation,meteor shower fell over his head which he think this is a sign mean that he fell from grace like morning star,Lucifer fallen from heaven.
he think that speak against holy spirit mean say a phrase which disrespect to god while he has the holy spirit.
I don't know if his story is true,or a christian try to keep other Christians in line by making false testimony, or atheist make a parody religious post.

If this person was talking about things like meteor showers, I suspect his story was far-fetched.  I am not sure what a "sin against the spirit" would be, but I do believe that we are secure in grace.  What we say does not threaten grace or our salvation. If a child speaks disrespectfully to a parent, is he/she no longer their child?  It is the same with God.  We are still His people in spite of indiscretions.  God's spirit is in us and does not leave.  God is not a person with feelings and emotions.  Such is an ancient view of God as an exalted human
 You can't offend God any more than the law of gravity.  We must bring our idea of God into the 21st century.  God is a creative principle, inherent in creation and in us.

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