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hello and thank you for taking my question - I would like to know whats going on with the so called "Ten Lost Tribes." It says in kings that Israel was captured by assyria and dispersed while assyrians were put in their place in the land. But by the time we get to the book of Ezra we have the Israelites returning to the land to work on the temple - so are the tribes lost and dispersed or not, I dont understand. THank you.

Hello Peter.

Thank you for your question - which has mead me really delve into Jewish history in a way that I had never done before!

After the death of Solomon, the United Monarch was divided into the Northern Kingdom, under the rebellious Jeroboam, and the Southern Kingdom under Rehoboam.  It is the Northern Kingdom that is generally accepted as having consisted of the Ten Tribes.  We learn, from II Kings 15:19 that Tiglath-Peleser, king of Assyria, demanded tribute from the Northern Kingdom, and most of the area was under Assyrian control.

It was Tiglath-Peleser's son, Shalmneser, who was responsible for the exile of the people of the Northern Kingdom (II Kings 17:3ff) in about 722 BC.  We are even provided with the names of the areas in which these people were settled (v.6) although to identify them, accurately, in modern terms is, to say the least, difficult!

Now we jump forward in history to about 586 BC, when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Temple and took the people of the Southern Kingdom into exile (II Chronicles 36).  The final verses of that chapter lead straight into the following book of Ezra (cf v.23 with Ezra 1:2-3).

So, I believe that the answer to your problem is that we are dealing with two different groups of people!  It was not the people of the Northern Kingdom who returned to rebuild the Temple, but the exiles from the Southern Kingdom!

As to what eventually happened to the people of the Northern Kingdom - the Ten Lost Tribes - speculation is rife!  For what it is worth, I do not subscribe to those theories that have them as the ancestors of either the British, or the native American, people.  However, the Lord knows and, as He has promised that Israel shall be gathered together again, then I have no hesitation in stating that that will happen - in His perfect time!

I do hope that the above is of some assistance to you.

Blessings, and shalom.

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