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I dont think I understand sin and divine providence. Is it that God does not CAUSE people to sin but rather works concurrently with it and orders it for his purposes. Or is there more to it than that?


Sin was never part of the purpose of God. Sin is rebellion against God, and therefore there is no way that God would endorse sin as part of His plan. However, God did know that man would sin and in advance had a plan to deal with the reality of sin.

Man first sinned in the Garden of Eden. When that first sin occurred, it changed everything. Whereas everything God created was perfect, sin corrupted creation and the result was that death entered creation. God was ready with His plan to deal with sin - we see the first recognition of the plan immediately after the first sin (Gen 3:15).

John 3:16 tells us God's perfect will - He does not want any to perish, but having given man freewill, and with man choosing to sin, God chose the ultimate demonstration of love that is possible - he chose to come to earth as a man, and provide one and only perfect sacrifice capable of paying the price for all sin, giving man a second chance to be saved and redeemed from their own sin.

It is also important to note that eternal punishment in the lake of fire was never intended for man, but was intended for Satan and his demons because they rebelled against God, and tried to take mankind with them (Matt 25:41). Man ends up there because they choose to follow Satan in his rebellion.

Sin was therefore not God's purpose but once sin entered the world, God used the situation to demonstrate His perfect love and to show Satan to be the defeated foe that he is.


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