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Jeremiah 2"3 states "Israel was holy to the Lord, the first fruits of His harvest. All who devoured her were held guilty and disaster overtook them declares the Lord."

    But wasnt it God Himself who used those nations to punish Israel for his own purposes. Why does He then talk in Jeremiah like He had nothing to do with it?

         Thank you Pete

God gives people a choice to trust and follow Him, or to do their own thing.  However there are consequences to their choices.  God allowed wicked nations to hurt Israel, even though He would rather have protected Israel if they had trusted and followed Him.  The wicked nations had to suffer the consequences of their choices, even though God allowed their wickedness to hurt Israel.  God didn’t make them hurt Israel—He allowed it for a purpose.  The principle of reaping what you sow is portrayed for all the nations.
   It’s interesting to note the individual accounts in the Bible of people of all nationalities who did trust and follow God.  Psalm 117:2 For His merciful kindness is great toward us: the truth of the Lord endures for ever.  
   How God balances mercy, truth, and justice is amazing, and it’s not always clear to us, but we can be confident that there IS a perfect standard, not everyone’s own idea of what “ought” to be.  Basically when we have the humility to admit that God is God, and we are not, then we can rest in Him for life everlasting that He has provided for us.

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