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Bible Studies/If Adam named all the animals in the Garden, then how is it scientists are constantly discovering new species and naming them?


Hi Mr. Petty and Praise the Lord! I am a Born-Again Christian and I assume you are one also. I have a question and I am hoping you can help:

If Adam named all the animals in the Garden, then how is it scientists are constantly discovering new species and naming them?

I am genuinely curious about this. In Genesis 2:20 it says Adam named all the animals in the Garden of Eden, but if he named all the world's animals, then how is it that modern-day scientists are constantly discovering mew animal species and naming them? Is God constantly creating new species of animals? Please help- thank you.


Dear Jason,

I’m sorry about being late in answering this question. I had a heart attack on January 15, and have been in the hospital for some time. Now that I’m out, I’m attempting to catch up on answering the questions, and so many other things that have fallen by the wayside during this time.

Yes, Adam did indeed name all the animals in the Garden of Eden. And yet, as you say, there are many that are being discovered today and the scientists are naming them.

Actually, man fell from God’s grace when Eve gave herself to Satan (the snake) and then Adam followed her into sin. They had only one test—a very small one—and yet they rebelled against God, wanting to be gods themselves (Gen 3:5).

Everything that God had given to them was lost that day, and Satan gained control of Adam and Eve and of the entire creation. Adam lost his dominion (Gen. 1:26) and the earth has been under Satan’s control since that time.

So, how about all the new animals that we’re discovering today?

Actually there has been nothing new, and in fact thousands of species have been lost because of the effects of sin in the world. But people are searching today to find animals that were created by God and named by Adam. When one is “discovered” (having been unknown to people who live today), then scientists name them, and thus a new species is “born.”

We are so gullible when we think we know so much about the earth. We should discover the things that God has created: but we should give God credit for having created these things.

Another aspect of this question arises when we view the fact of the flood. The whole earth was destroyed with all life save those which Noah took with him in the Ark. I realize that the Lord brought examples of all living things to save them as a remnant of the pre-flood world. But the fossils make it clear that many of the largest animals weren’t brought over—such as the dinosaurs. Could it be that God saw that man couldn’t handle such large beasts? We’ll have to ask Him when we get to the heavenly kingdom (Revelation 21:2-4)

Even of those which were saved in the flood, we know that through the centuries many species have become extinct. And our methods of naming the animals and vegetation are not the names that Adam gave them. So it seems even more important for us to “discover” them and name them.
When we go back to the creation, we find another aspect of this question: the “great” men of our times have abandoned the facts of creation and have come to “believe” that the earth and everything on it have evolved through long ages of time. When we do this, we are doing the same thing that the serpent got Eve to do: We are rebelling against God and joining Adam and Eve in their rebellion—“ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

It’s good for us to study and discover the things of nature, to find new species and learn to know the sciences of the earth. But we need to put them in the perspective of Genesis 1, 2 and remember that God did indeed create them. When we “discover” new things, God intends that the new knowledge has been given us in order that we might rejoice in His creative power, and learn to know and love Him.

Thanks for your question, and for your interest in learning about God through His Word. Keep reading the Bible; keep putting God first and giving Him credit for creating all these things.

I suggest that you would find a series of lectures on “The Geneses Conflict” given by a former evolutionist. Dr. Walter Veith is not only an interesting lecturer, but is right on target in his presentation of the differences between creationism and evolution. You may see the series on the following website: on demand/creation-evolution.

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