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    In Mark 13:1-2 Jesus and his disciples are discussing the grandiosity of the temple and Jesus say his famous 'not one stone will be left upon another,' line. but we still have the wailing wall intact So how am I to understand this?

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It appears from this entry in Wikipedia, that the "Wailing Wall" was not part of the above-ground, visible structure of Herod's Temple. It was a retaining wall built to keep the outer edges of the flattened top of the Temple Mount in place--to keep the unnaturally modified soil from falling down the hill.

If you understand Jesus' prophecy as referring to the beautiful visible edifice of the main Temple building itself, the prophecy will have been literally fulfilled. The fine ashlar blocks and other stone elements from which it was constructed will have been knocked down and used in the construction of Roman imperial buildings on the same site and elsewhere.

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