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QUESTION: Hi teacher Scott,
This time I am sorts confused about deuteronomy ch 19 v 15. That 2 or 3 witnesses will settle the issue of guilt. So what I'm wondering/thinking is about conspiracies? I mean what if those 2 or 3 witnesses lie? It seems kind of almost unfair in a way?33

ANSWER: Hi Joyce,

I hope you're doing well.

If several people conspire together to lie about someone, they are subject to punishment for bearing false witness. The verses following Deuteronomy 19:15 deal with this issue.

Of course, the challenge is in proving that the witnesses committed perjury. But, if investigated and found guilty, they would suffer the consequences.


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QUESTION: But then what would happen to the convicted person?

I imagine it would work the same way it would in our system of government. If someone commits perjury, he would be investigated and tried. If it can be proven that false witness was presented, that person would be sentenced.

The possibility of severe punishment would deter most from committing perjury. For those foolish enough to give false testimony, the challenge is in proving the lie. Hopefully, ample evidence would be uncovered to prove guilt.

As with any justice system, it is not 100% perfect. We're dealing with human beings.


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