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Kim Luini wrote at 2016-07-08 02:54:09
We can also look at the Hebrew undestanding here. Dust  in a sense refers to that which is 'insignificant' like dust under your feet...and the act of God breathing into man refers to His validation or making man 'significant'. God refered to much of His Creation as 'good'. Evil can refer to that which does not fulfill its' function. A broken vessel can be refered to as evil. When the earth began to sustain life it was longer was it void in a state of chaos or as some say 'evil'.  It's interesting to ponder that unlike the earth, animals etc., God did not pronounce man as 'good'.  So although we can take the verses literally that God 'breathed' into understanding what the breath represented, it also signifies our unique relationship with God versus the rest of Creation. We were not merely made to be alive and 'functioning' as animals are, we were made to be 'significant'.

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