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Hello Teacher Scott,
I have a couple questions before I forget them.
1St in 1 Kings ch 19. In v 9 Elijah is hiding in the cave.Then in v 13 he's standing near a cave. My first queston, did he have some strange fascination with caves?
Then,my 2nd question, in ch 21 v 29, my daughter mentioned that it doesnt really seem fair to punish the son for what the father did.The father (in this case Ahab) had a choice but the son has no choice.

Hello, Joyce!

Sorry for the delayed response. We're on vacation, and I haven't been checking my emails as often as I usually do.

In I Kings 19, Elijah flees to the wilderness to escape Jezebel, who was trying to kill him. (See verses 1-4.) Caves provided a safe place for him to hide and find shelter.

The Pulpit Commentary does (I think) a nice job of addressing your daughter's question:

Pulpit Commentary
Verse 29 Because he humbleth himself before me, I will not bring the evil [There is a manifest reference to ver. 21, where the same words are used] in his days; but in his son's days [There is no injustice here - no threat of punishment against the innocent instead of the guilty - as might at first sight appear. For in the first place, God knew well what the son would be, and in the second place, if the son had departed from his father's sins he would have been spared (Ezekiel 18:14 sqq.); the sentence would have been revoked. Judgment was deferred to give the house of Ahab another chance. When Ahab lapsed into sin, he suffered in his own person: when his sons persisted in sin, excision befell the family] will I bring the evil [ver. 19] upon his house [ver. 22],


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